Roadside Assistance service provider in all over the india

While driving on the roads or remote areas, it often happens that our cars and bikes do not support us and have a sudden unexpected breakdown. Understanding the travelers’ problems at such times, we decided to assist you and rescue you from such situations. If you ever stuck on roads and need immediate assistance, not to worry, we are here to provide you the best roadside assistance any day any time. Whether it is a puncture, lost your keys, need medical help or your vehicle has gone immobilized due to dead battery, our team will reach you and for the assistance and help you in resolving the issue to its best then and there. Keeping inline all the situations, we provide the best services in various situations of car or bike breakdown.

Onsite Assistance  _ ( TURNMILE)

If you have got a breakdown or engine problem, just reach us. Our skilled and fully trained technicians are available any day any time to provide the onsite assistance and fix the problem with your car or bike. We help solving your car or bike engine problem, any repairs, oiling or cooling down your vehicle. We handover the vehicle to you with proper test drive, so that you can complete your rest of the journey with comfort and ease.

Got a Tyre Puncture?

If you have a flat tyre(s) issue, we will reach you in defined time and repair the tyre if it would be in a condition to get repaired or we will replace the tyre with the spare tyre, if you will have any. In case you don’t have the required spare tyre(s), we will replace it with our high quality spare tyres, assuring your problem is fixed and the vehicle is ready to run on the roads. If needed, we will provide you the new or spare tyre, so that you can be sure of having a safe journey ahead.

Lost or Locked Keys

Locked the car and forgot the key inside it? Or lost your vehicle key? Just don’t worry, call us and relax. Our lockout experts will help you open the car doors with ease without any compromise with your car’s dent or paint. Depending on the situation and vehicle type, if getting the car keys is not possible from the locked car, we will also assist you by getting the spare keys from your home, if you have it available, or taking your vehicle to the nearest authorized service station.

Empty Fuel

If you have missed filling the fuel tank or have got an unexpected long ride and forgot to maintain the fuel in your vehicle, we will reach you in no time and will fill your vehicle’s fuel tank upto a particular limit, so that you can easily reach the next petrol pump near you without hassle and get the fuel tank filled as per your requirement. We also provide assistance in case of wrong fuelling so that your vehicle engine is safe and you can take care of the pure fuelling in future.

Vehicle Towing

On reaching the location, once our technician examines your car or bike and finds that it needs to be taken to a service station, we will provide you the towing facility. In situations, when no immediate or minor fixes can be done to repair the vehicle or if your vehicle has gone immobilized or stuck somewhere due to an accident or breakdown, we will tow your vehicle to the nearest authorized workshop to get it repaired. Our towing services facilitate transit of your vehicle safely and assist your family reaches the nearby safe destination with comfort.

Dead Battery

At times, it happens that the battery fails due to various reasons and your car or bike is stuck at a place where no technical help can be found. In case the battery is discharged or it is dead, our technician charge you battery to an extent if its’ chargeable or will assist you replacing it, if can be fixed quickly. Except for the above cases, our technician will jumpstart your vehicle in no time, so that you can reach the destination or service station to get it replaced or fully charged.

Medical Coordination

In case of any medical emergency due to vehicle breakdown or accidents or first-aid requirements, we will support you by providing the medical emergency numbers, so that medical help can reach you at the earliest and provide the first-aid treatment and assist your further. We will also pass on the messages and coordinate with your relatives about the breakdown so they can reach you for further help and assistance.

Roadside Assistance is a major requirement of today’s routine life where people like to travel with own vehicles for a family vacation or for work. Thus, vehicles may need the repairs and fixes anytime where in a market area or a remote location, and we are there to assist you 20X7 in such scenarios.