Turnmile India (www.turnmile.com) Plans to Launch Roadside Assistance Services across more than 600 cities in India from March 2018 Onwards.

Early motorists were often capable of carrying out minor repairs themselves, but as vehicles became more complicated, this become more difficult to carry out repairs successfully. If we are looking for garages after we fall in problem, it waste lot of time and after we find out any garage nearby they charge you anything they want and you have to pay as you don`t have any other option at that time.

In India now Online vehicle services aggregater TURNMILE starts offering¬† many kinds of Vehicle Assist/Repair Services to their members or any other rider on the spot, tow to a nearest local garage or the driver’s home if nearby (a limit of 50 ms commonly) and in some cases provide onward journey services such as hire vehicles.

 In recent years, the widespread ownership of Smart Phones increase to a wide level in India also with a very wide &strong network at all areas. So Phones can now be use as communication source in emergency as well. So mobile technology has led TURNMILE to the development of Roadside Assistance Services Website and apps. Currently they are available all over India in more than 600 cities/small towns.

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