Increasing number of vehicles owned makes Chandigarh the city on wheels

Increasing number of vehicles owned makes Chandigarh the city on wheels    


Chandigarh is one of the fastest developing cities of India. In recent years Chandigarh is populated with a huge number of people coming in the city. With the increase in the population the number of vehicle too are increasing in the city. Earlier it was hard to even locate a vehicle or an individual on the road whereas now the scenario has changed completely.

doorstep seevicing and repair
doorstep seevicing and repair


Now you can see all the parts of the city crowded with people and vehicles and thus vehicle services in Chandigarh are also progressing with current demands. Every person here in Chandigarh has either one or two vehicles be it a four wheeler and two wheelers. With the growing numbers of vehicles in the city, certainly there are parking space problems that arise for the citizens.

The ownership of vehicles has increased drastically over the years in Punjab. Not only the sales of cars increased, but people are also showing their interest in buying to wheeler to commute.

vehicle services in Chandigarh
vehicle SERVICE_AND_REPAIR in chandigarh

Highest number of sales

Talking about sectors 31-47, it has shown highest number of four wheelers as well as two wheelers registered. With a convincing vehicle services in Chandigarh the vehicle density of the city in on a rise.

Rapidly growing automobile industry in Chandigarh

The Automobile market has witnessed rapid growth in Chandigarh in recent years. It is not only that the four wheelers or two wheelers that has seen the growth, but almost all types of automobiles are in demand be it pick-up trucks or cars.

The highest growth is recorded in Chandigarh is in sector of luxury cars. Many automobile companies are trying to do their best to provide pre and post sales vehicles services in Chandigarh to attract more and more customers in less time.

service and repair by vehicle pick up and drop
service and repair by vehicle pick up and drop

Reasons for rapid growth of Indian Automobile market in the city are

The roar in the real estate industry in Chandigarh helped the residents here to gain wealth in plenty by selling land. The easy money they got helped them invest in purchasing luxury cars. This helped the automobile market to witness a raise in Chandigarh.

Second reason is that most of the residents here have NRI family members residing abroad and they tend to send money. The money they send in dollars in often invested to purchase cars.

Financial institutions as well as the automobile manufacturers started various financial schemes individually or in collaboration to draw Chandigarh residents in order to increase the car sales in the city. They also offered professional vehicle services in Chandigarh to help the vehicle owners get the support they need to maintain their vehicles.

You can see Chandigarh flooded with luxury cars like Skoda, BMW, Ford, and Corolla etc.

Looking at the increasing demand of cars in Chandigarh many car makers are even planning to establish manufacturing units here, which in itself is a major achievement.

car diagnostic in chandigarh
car diagnostic in chandigarh

Purchasing power of residents is higher in Chandigarh

Another region for the automobile industry to grow in Chandigarh rapidly every year is the purchasing power of residents here. Also the state gives the benefit of lower fees for transfer that attracts a lot of residents from this state here in Chandigarh to register their vehicles.

A lot of people prefer using their own vehicles rather than using public transport. Looking at the parking space problems the administration is also working towards using parking space with higher parking charges to combat the congestion tax.

Increasing number of vehicles are also leading to traffic jams and severe pollution and the administration in encouraging people to use public transport than using their own vehicles. People here in Chandigarh prefer using their own vehicle than using public transport for commutation.

Automobile industry is working towards attracting a lot of customers knowing that Chandigarh residents are keen on spending on luxury cars and two wheelers. They are coming up with discounts, offers and free vehicles services in Chandigarh to encourage people buy their own vehicles.

Rental cars and taxis also in demand

You can also use taxi service in Chandigarh which is again a convenient option with excellent pick and drop facility. The taxis or cars are well equipped with trained chauffer. If you do not want to drive down on your own due to the heavy traffic in the city, simply book a taxi or a car and you will get a range of comfortable fleets with friendly chauffeurs.

You can book your cab/taxi/car online and enjoy the travelling experience without worrying about driving on busy roads.



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